Thursday, October 21, 2010

Plastic Bones intervjueerib SPOE´d

Ma pole vaimukamat graffiintekat oma lühikese elu jooksul näinud.
Kliki aga siia!

"Ever seen someone shit in public?

Yeah! A brass at carnival, there was nuff people with me too who can vouch for this. Must have been 2002 cos i was in jail for the other ones, this bird was standing there legs akimbo, skirt just hitched up enough for her shit to fall out, she had her knickers in her hand and she’s shitting, full blown having a proper shit, it was soft shit, they were stools, but when they hit the floor they were soft, i’m not joking it was that dogshit kind of brown envelope colour sort of a mustardy colour like when a dog’s had a mustard shit, it was a mustard shit, she shat out a load of mustard, skirt up knickers in her hand having a pony right in a busy street. About ten of us walked passed her and the killer thing is, dunno why no one got a photo of it but about an hour after that we see her sucking someones cock.

Priceless, yo!

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