Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pleasing the art crowd

Tegemist on David Steini teosega. Fecal Face tegi mehega lühiinteka ning selleni pääsed siit. Lisaks näed sealt ka tema teisi töid, yo.

What you see is one of David Stein´s paintings. Fecal Face made a brief interview with him and if you're interested then check it out y'all. Plus there's extra pics of his work.

"How do you pay the bills?
Just barely. Just when I'm about totally broke some nice folks come along and buy some work.
I just gave you $1,000,000. Quick, what do you do with it!
I'd get my hair cut, buy a new pair of pants, new bike seat, get a new tattoo, buy some expensive jewelry for my wife, put a down payment on a small house in Minneapolis, then go to Prague and spend what ever is left."