Thursday, February 24, 2011

Interview with Ron English

If you're not familiar with Ron English' work you might remember him from a documentary called Super Size Me. He's the guy making paintings of Ronald McDonald as a fat, burger-eating, clown.

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Have you ever caught people who stole your art and claimed it as their own?

Yeah, there’s a company who keeps putting my name on their toy that I didn’t design, and there isn’t much you can do because they just change the name and put it someplace else.

Basquiat had a lot of trouble with that because he would trade his paintings for drugs. There was also a guy who hung around Basquiat and used the same exact paint as he did and copied his method. He had Basquiat come to his studio to check out the piece he created and had a photograph taken of them standing together and then the guy sold the painting for a half-million dollars. You can make a real living by doing that.

I mean you’re young and probably into Banksy. You can call up the guy who cuts out Banksy’s stencils and try to get him to send you a couple and then all of a sudden you’re running around doing Banksy pieces. Do a couple of them on a panel then forget about them for about 30 years and it’s pretty easy to say “yeah I have some original Banksy pieces”.

Was Basquiat angry about it?

Basquiat was pissed.

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