Monday, February 21, 2011

NUG: Before you check me, check yourself! Exhibition in Helsinki

"NUG is a Swedish artist and one of Europes most respected graffiti writers.
NUG made International headlines after releasing his degreework from Stockholms Art Academy,where a hooded man is spraying paint in a localtrain in Stockholm.
Territorial Pissing-video represents the graffitiworld and is breaking bounderies legalitywise and artisticly.
NUG is one of Swedens graffitiart pioneers. He started painting graffiti in the early 1980s.
The many years of graffiti experience has taken this artist to several European galleries, museums and art events.
In January 2011, NUG made an appearance with the famous Swedish artist Erland Brands at Stockholms Royal Art Academy.
This artist has dedicated his entire life to the graffiti culture. With his videowork and paintings, he opens up this secluded and sometimes dangerous world to the outside observer.
MAKE YOUR MARK brings you one of Europes most influential graffiti artists to Finland for the very first time!
In addition to the Gallery,we are opening a Store on the same premises,which is next to Helsinkis only legal graffitiwall in Suvilahti.
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